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icons post 3: 10in30 free round

this is my 3rd icon post, and a new set for 10in30, first time participating there ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ I love the theme of the round, it is a free round so there is not so much pressure on the participants, and everyone can just do their own thing. I would like to see more of such rounds in the icon communities in the future, to lower the bar of participation. Also, we could mix many fandoms in the same post which I like :)
Please, give me feedback on the icons and what I'm doing right or wrong.

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icons post 2: 20muses round 5

Hi :) :)
this is my 2nd post of icons.
this time, only one entry, 20 icons (multiple fandoms) for 20muses
I chose the easy mode because I'm not that ~advanced yet but I'm very happy with how these came out ^__^ (i also used the provided screencaptures, but only because i don't like searching for images to use lol)
I hope you like them. let me know what you think. concrits are welcome.

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